seborrheic dermatitis is skin deep

Skin Deep: Are Your Skin Problems Imaginary


seborrheic dermatitis your skin

Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin

Having years of skin problems has taken its toll on me mentally. Appointments to see the dermatologist in the long run became a hassle. Many times I would finish the appointment with nothing but expensive prescriptions, written by my dermatologist which to be completely honest, did very little for my seborrheic dermatitis. All of these treatment recommendations and proposed solutions led me to stop trusting dermatologist while feeling resentment. I wanted so badly to see positive results so I kept on questioning myself. My mind state from years of ineffective treatments and dollars spent trying to control my sebderm led to a downward spiral. The simple fact in all of this is that dealing with skin problems can easily lead to serious depression issues. Maybe all of this is skin deep and I’ve been looking at this problem the wrong way.

I like to think our mind and body have some sort of related connection. It’s interesting because there’s a book I came across written by Dr. Ted Grossbart who covers the mental aspect of skin issues. I think the real issue with skin problems is that they’re somewhat glossed over in some respects. It can really be a burden to someone who has to deal with skin conditions day in and day out. This is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide and while some of these people can seemingly deal with their issues, others have a hard to time coping.

Skin deep examines skin disorders through the mental side of things. Ted A. Grossbart has a unique viewpoint that sees our skin problems as basically a manifestation of deep internal frustration. His main sticking point argues many skin disorders basically have psychological origins. The answers he believes may be found by listening to what your skin is trying to tell you. What he believes might sound unconventional and unbelievable at first glance, but Grossman believes in his theories. Grossman states “Unfelt unexpressed anger is the most common psychological mechanism beneath troubled skin”. Simply put, you might not acknowledge any repression from these signs, however your skin does! The author also lists 11 ways the skin can reveal its secrets.

Mental exercises can force the mind to give clues as to the cause of our skin problems. Why does our skin get worse at certain times? Grossbart believes by listing the crucial events of our life, this will play an important role as to the secrets of the origins of our skin disease. Furthermore, practicing relaxation techniques is a potential way to help heal the skin. Grossbart thinks it isn’t pain itself, but rather the thoughts associated with avoiding the sensation of pain which has a greater overall effect.

Skin Deep is written by an author who has a vast knowledge of important skin disease information compiled from years of scientific research data. This collection includes 32 pages of definitions as well as 34 different types of skin conditions. He believes there shouldn’t be so much emphasis put on the diagnosis. The truly important point here is the associated feelings and not the manifestations from the skin disease. What’s happening is the stress is reminding the sufferer of the pain, as the emotions involved are likely the same.

Regardless of your situation, Grossbart delves into the issue of our emotions and how these issues we’re faced with are related to the problems going on with our skin. For example, whenever your skin turns red and flushes, it is a sign of embarrassment. Whenever you get goosebumps it’s because you’re scared. So with this way of thinking, why couldn’t your skin be an outlet for feelings of anger, stress or depression?

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