seborrheic dermatitis pHat 5.5 face wash

Seborrheic Dermatitis pHat Face Wash

Seborrheic Dermatitis pHat 5.5 Face Wash Review


Seborrheic dermatitis represents a quite common skin and scalp condition which causes flaking and dandruff in the hair. The face is another well known part of the body to exhibit symptoms of dehydration, dryness and itching . No matter your skin type, age or skin color, you’re not immune to getting seborrheic dermatitis. As such, it’s quite nasty to handle, especially if you’re not cognizant which products are specifically relevant.


Don’t despair — they’re are innumerable products both over the counter and prescription offerings to choose from. These products claim to work well against seborrheic dermatitis and promote healthier, non dry and irritation-free skin. In a perfect world, many, if not all, should work in theory. The reality is most products targeting facial seborrheic dermatitis cause compounding problems. It’s usually because the cleanser is either too harsh thus causing more dryness or the user overlooks the list of comedogenic chemicals. In addition, the skin is left with a difficult task in clearing away dry cells and dry zones. To complicate matters, the skin will undergo changes for the worse because of the permanent redness, irritation and itching. The vulnerable areas are: your face, specifically the forehead and nose area.


Meanwhile the seborrheic dermatitis pHat face wash is different from many face washes currently on the market. A great number of cleansers are sudsy, but the pHat face wash is a non-soap formula which makes it less likely to experience skin dryness.


Why Rely on the pHat 5.5 Seborrheic Dermatitis Face Wash?


This face wash does well to combat and treat facial seborrhea. You can feel safe knowing this cleanser is mean’t for all types of dermatitis, including seborrheic and atopic dermatitis. Made from natural and organic ingredients, this natural face wash contains no soap. This is beneficial if you find yourself susceptible to dryness, irritation and sensitive skin. Unlike other products, the seborrheic dermatitis pHat 5.5 face wash balances out skin where dermatitis may flourish . The gentle and non-irritating formula works on all skin types, including combination, oily and normal skin.


The product aims to alienate symptoms of dermatitis clearing obstacles allowing for a greater sense of self confidence. For example, it promotes healing on worn skin with quick results, sometimes after only a couple of washes.


It’s fairly common for soaps and face washes to contain chemicals, toxins or ingredients which leave the skin in a more dry and inflamed state. The natural acid mantle acts as a protective barrier on your face. There’s a strong penchant for the barrier to degrade, due to all of the harsh chemicals in some soaps.  Not only does this aggravate the skin, but it also plays a part by not allowing the skin to heal as it should. Thus, all you get in return is perpetual dryness and redness. The seborrheic dermatitis pHat face wash is free of chemicals and the natural and organic ingredients in it makes it a superior choice. Sometimes choosing a natural solution to gently fight against fungus is the better option versus stronger more harsh cleansers.


What Makes the Seborrheic Dermatitis pHat Face Wash Effective?


The number one benefit of this product is that it’s 100% free from chemicals and harmful substances. The face wash is for people who want a natural and organic option with healing and curative properties. For instance, organic extracts and ingredients are a great way to diminish pain, dryness and even promote healthier skin. There’s traces of manuka honey, aloe vera and cehami all of which have their own pluses. For this reason, these selective organic ingredients are critical in removing oils and dead skin cells all the while balancing the pH of your skin.


No doubt you’ll notice positives changes you’re seeking in the form of a smoother complexion. All things considered, this face wash will help bring about more radiant looking skin. Hence, you won’t have to stress over constant itching, flaking and irritation any longer!



  • Fighting against all types of dermatitis, including seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Specially designed formula to balance pH of skin on the face and body
  • Not tested on animals
  • Gentle, non-irritating formula
  • Free from chemicals, parabens and harmful ingredients
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Natural ingredients safe for the use on children
  • Promotes healing and a balanced and hydrated complexion, away from impurities and imperfections



  • Might take longer for effects to show on red spots or dermatitis which has long gone unhealed
  • Small container – only 4 oz. Although suitable for daily use on all areas of the face and body, will soon have to restock.
  • Quite peppery price – $19





Will this face wash make a difference for those suffering with rashes, skin irritations, red spots or dermatitis on their skin? The general sentiment regarding the seborrheic dermatitis pHat face wash is it balances the skin’s pH. This in turn mitigates dryness and redness. You can use it on all areas of your body, including on one’s scalp, which makes it the perfect addition for the dermatitis contingent. After a week of daily use, plenty of customers felt their skin didn’t peel as much. As a direct result of regular pHat use, rashes and irritation diminished to more acceptable levels. After all, why not experiment with the seborrheic dermatitis pHat face wash cleanser as beneficial as it is against seborrhea.


seborrheic dermatitis pHat face wash

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