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Seborrheic Dermatitis Triton MG217 Shampoo

Seborrheic Dermatitis Triton MG217 Shampoo Review


Whether you have mild or severe scalp psoriasis, the condition is such that you urgently need a treatment, preferably the one that a dermatologist suggests. These prescribed treatments in the form of lotions, creams, and shampoos usually do not deliver a lasting effect. In short, most of them turn out to be a temporary remedy.


Even worse, they would end up pricking the scalp, make it messy, and reverse all the relief by failing to prevent the symptoms from striking again. If this is the experience that even you have gone through, theMG 217 medicated shampoo from Triton can be a better healer.


This MG217 shampoo can take all your complaints, even if you have an oily scalp that occasionally becomes a bit sensitive. The product has no big market share outside the United States and is certainly not popular in western Europe. Still, the brand has built up a good reputation due to its collection of coal tar scalp psoriasis remedies.


Well, this is not a marketing hype but a fact to which its current Amazon users swear by. You might consider the promising and the more popular zinc pyrithione shampoos. However, in most cases, they do not work effectively when your scalp suddenly gets sensitive, although they take care of dandruff well. However, this coal tar one will show its effectiveness even on such an unpredictable or unmanageable scalp.


Why Rely on the Seborrheic Dermatitis Triton MG217 Shampoo?


This shampoo is exclusively formulated to treat three most upsetting scalp conditions namely, psoriasis, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis. It is highly effective for getting rid of the symptoms of these conditions namely, itchiness, scaling, redness, and flaking. You can expect a lasting relief from all these inflammatory symptoms.


While leaving your hair soft, clean, and manageable; this shampoo also controls the buildup of scales, which is quite common in any of the three conditions. The credit goes to the special formulation featuring a blend of coal tar and other distinct ingredients for ensuring as much maximum strength as possible.


What Makes the Seborrheic Dermatitis Triton MG217 Shampoo Effective?


Well, this shampoo is not a fully organic or a natural remedy. However, the formula that it has is highly effective on the psoriasis-affected and seborrhea-affected scalp and hair.


The active ingredient in the formula is the coal tar, which can work effectively on a scalp that can get sensitive. It is the only non-prescription active constituent that decelerates the reproduction of excessive cells. So, coal tar works by reducing the rapid pace at which the skin cells grow on the scalp.


This is how the ingredient gains control over the above-mentioned symptoms. It is also the reason why the shampoo can reduce or control the buildup of scales on the scalp.The 3% coal tar in the shampoo is quite strong enough, which means you should proceed with caution if you have never used it before.

Still, it is worth a try, as the ingredient is an excellent remedy for psoriasis. Further, its anti-fungal properties aid in reducing the mild condition of seborrheic dermatitis.


The formula is also conditioning enough to leave your hair soft and smooth. It also prevents the recurrence of the symptoms of psoriasis or dandruff. The rest of the ingredients in the formula are also effective but can contribute to an allergic reaction if your skin is allergic to any of them.


How Effective Is The Seborrheic Dermatitis Triton MG217 Shampoo?


Most Amazon users agree that this medicated shampoo delivers what it promises. The shampoo provides a complete relief from the embarrassing symptoms of constant itching and scratching, while leaving the hair soft just as a few expensive shampoos would.


When applied for the first time, you are likely to experience a soothing effect on the itchy and flaky scalp rather than the typical stinging. After some hours, one might notice some minor itching but brushing with a soft bristled brush solves the problem, as it is due to the drying up lesions.


After four to five washings (once in every four days), the severe psoriasis condition is likely to turn out to be medium. This medium stage goes back to the mild one within a month of using the seborrheic dermatitis triton mg217 shampoo. Within the next month, psoriasis is likely to take a complete farewell.


However, do not stop using this shampoo, as doing so can bring back those irritating symptoms. It is recommended using the shampoo once a month when the condition is fully gone to keep its return at bay.




  • Maximum strength
  • Gentle
  • Clean and softer hair
  • Effective on itchy, flaky, and red scalp
  • Reduced hair shedding
  • Reduced inflammation and itching
  • Prevention of reoccurrence of symptoms
  • No fragrance or bad smell
  • Decelerated buildup of scales
  • More affordable than prescription shampoos
  • Recognition from the National Psoriasis Foundation



  • A bit medicated smell
  • Probability of allergy




Consider the seborrheic dermatitis triton mg217 shampoo product if coal tar seems to improve your condition. However, just try a bit of it to check for an allergic reaction.



seborrheic dermatitis triton mg217 shampoo

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