seborrheic dermatitis ancient greek remedy oil moisturizer

Seborrheic Dermatitis Ancient Greek Oil Moisturizer

Ancient Greek Remedy 100% Pure Nature’s Moisturizer Review


Frequent washing of hair and exposure of the skin to dust and wind result in frizzy hair, brittle nails, and flaky, dry, and itchy scalp. The least one can do is apply some natural oil for maintaining their health. For some medicinal benefits, it is wise to add even an essential oil.


Essential oils are named so, as they are the essence of medicinal plants. Many of these oils are clinically proven for healing specific problems such as dandruff, scalp psoriasis, eczema, dry patches, premature graying, rosacea, sunburns, dry nails, and wrinkles. They also tend to boost blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate follicles for ensuring hair growth.


Most of these oils are potent and highly concentrated due to which it is not recommended to use them directly. So, it is essential to use a suitable carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil. Most people having hair or skin conditions look for an organic remedy. The most effective organic remedy is apparently the one that has friendly essential oils.


One such product that is 100% natural oil remedy for a variety of your skin, hair, and nail conditions is the Ancient Greek Remedy’s moisturizer. It is perhaps the most versatile moisturizer, as it is formulated to take care of your skin, hair, follicles, scalp, cuticles, and nails (of both hands and legs).


Why Rely on the Ancient Greek Remedy’s Moisturizer?


This moisturizer not only hydrates and keeps your scalp and skin moisturized but also combats a variety of conditions. These conditions include such as stretch marks, skin irritation, cracked legs and hands, dry skin, sun burns, minor discolorations, fine lines, wrinkles age spots, and razor bumps. The moisturizer also ensures even skin tone along with softer and smoother skin.


For hair, the product strengthens the brittle or damaged manes, removes frizziness, and treats conditions such as dandruff, atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, and alopecia. It works on almost all types of hair, although it is more typical for daily use on longer, thicker hair.


For nails, the seborrheic dermatitis Ancient Greek oil moisturizer comes with an ideal formula for strengthening weak and dry nails, healing yellow nails, promoting nail growth, and treating nail psoriasis and fungal infections.


For cuticles, it acts as a cleaner as well as a conditioner to repair the cuticles better and quicker than the dedicated creams. The moisturizer is also effective for treating scalp, skin, and toenail psoriasis along with skin, hand, facial, and foot eczema.


What Makes the Seborrheic Dermatitis Ancient Greek Oil Moisturizer Effective?


Well, it is the blend of the magical essential oils that makes this moisturizer effectively versatile. At the same time, there are no animal fats, dyes, additives, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, or any other harmful or unwanted ingredients.


The seborrheic dermatitis Ancient Greek oil formula is a pure oil consisting of ripe olives which are organic. The olive oil here is the carrier oil. The formula is a blend from the result of a hydraulic press process  using pure olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, and lavender oil.


Olive oil is full of anti-aging vitamins and moisturizing squalene to deliver smoothness to the skin, thickness to those thin hair, and good health to those brittle nails and cuticles.


Lavender oil helps in reducing stress and anxiety, which is a major cause of different skin conditions.  It also helps in disinfecting the skin and the scalp, removing lice, and treating acne scars, rosacea, seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and alopecia.


Almond oil is full of vitamins, zinc, potassium, proteins, and mono-saturated fatty acids for nourishing the hair, cuticles, and skin. It also treats damaged hair and hair loss.


Talking about the grape seed oil, it is full of nutritional and medicinal properties for nails, scalp, hair, and hair. Since ages, it is in use as a moisturizer for dry frizzy hair, dry scalp, loose skin, and acne prone skin.


How Effective Is It?


Just a half squirt of this oil is enough to cover the full face and it is light enough to make itself unnoticeable after a few minutes of application. Within just a few applications, most of the redness and other symptoms of the above-mentioned conditions go away. Even the whiteheads vanish quickly and the skin becomes even.


The skin remains moister, nails tend to grow faster, and the manes feel smoother and manageable by just pouring a little on the palm and rubbing in these areas. During the fall, you can apply a little on the face at night to keep dry patches away. Within a month, those facial lines vanish to clear the skin.


The absorption rate is high and the oil lasts throughout the night. On dry skin, the formula ensures hydration for a long time.




  • 100% natural for hair, cuticles, nail, and skin care
  • Generous quantity
  • Effective for psoriasis and eczema
  • Suitable for any age
  • Total vegan; animal–friendly
  • No clogging of pores
  • Quick absorption without leaving any greasy feeling
  • Mild scent



  • Hardly any




This seborrheic dermatitis Ancient Greek oil product is not only a moisturizer, but also a natural healer whose effect is comprehensive and like a world-class spa treatment. It has everything to take care of your skin, hair, nails, and cuticles.



seborrheic dermatitis ancient greek oil

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